Welcome! We are happy you came to visit. You are now privy to the exciting adventures of Christie and Adrian as we explore the multiple ways people are figuring out how to live together sustainably with the intent of settling in one. Our search was based on five components: rural location, focus on sustainability, currently farming or open to the prospect, a population of more than 30 (though we are stopping by smaller ones for fun), and a community business/non-profit.¬†Our blog contains details about the communities we are visiting, as well as our thoughts and reflections on our experience. We will also include links to resources that relate to “eco-communities”.


Christie & Adrian

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d love to chat about your visits, since I am also searching . . . What grabbed my attention is your mention that you are looking for “farming first, socializing second.” My interests are similar. So—if you are up for a brief chat please contact me at thefingerpainter@gmail.com
    Thanks for your blog, Terry

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