Sirius Community

Shutesbury, Massachusetts

June 3 – July 11, 2013

Sirius Community is a spiritually based community, founded by former members of Findhorn Community ( one of the largest spiritual intentional communities in the world (currently over 400 members), and is located in Scotland. The founding members are American born and were inspired to bring the energy of Findhorn to the U.S. They selected a beautiful mountainous forested region near the Quabbin Reservoir in Western Massachusetts.

We were excited about our stay at Sirius due to its focus on spirituality, ecology and community, the trinity Adrian and I hold dear. Sirius is our longest stay at one place – a 6-week Immersion Program (IP). Our days are generally comprised of working in the morning and a class in the afternoon. Since Adrian and I are the only IP participants, the staff have let us decide the direction of work and classes. Work has included planting and harvesting in the three gardens and one orchard, building a greenhouse, milling lumbar, drying herbs, painting buildings, etc. The classes have ranged from edible forest walk, Transformational Kineseology (a healing modality one of the founding members practices), consensus, Thai Chi, guitar lesson, composting toilets, bike repair. The variety is based on the expertise community members can offer. It’s been nice to have such a broad range of topics.

Days here are full, between meals, working and classes. After cleaning up post dinner, downtime is usually socializing, the occasional movie, ping pong, or a sauna. It’s been a really enjoyable life style. As with every situation, I wish there were more time in the day for writing, reading, meditation and yoga. I’ve been working all of those in when possible, but of course intend to be more diligent with my schedule. A practice in discipline and release!

Bruce, one of the founding members, is an incredibly humble person considering all that he has accomplished in his life. He has a pleasant demeanor that puts anyone at ease and has the patience of saint. He willingly taught me to use a sawmill, drill and left me to my own devices in working on the foundation wall of the greenhouse! He is an incredible mentor.



2 thoughts on “Sirius Community

  1. Hi Christie – I too am in Massachusetts – now in Brookline visiting my new grandson – next to Colrain, northwest of Shutesbury. Enjoy the New England countryside. Susan Francis

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